Adventure to Flores Guatemala

Basically, as you think of an island, you may probably picture a tropical paradise in the middles of the ocean. The city Flores in Guatemala may be just as beautiful as a tropical island. Rather being in the middle of the ocean, it’s situated on a lake. This causes a unique destination if you are traveling to Guatemala.

How to Get to Flores, Guatemala

Travelers will most likely stop in Flores, Guatemala either they venturing deeper into Guatemala via Belize or vice-versa.

Getting from San Ignacio, Belize to Flores, Guatemala

The city San Ignacio is extremely close to Guatemalan border, and some other ways to get there. Nonetheless, the easiest way is to get a taxi in town and take it directly to the border.

For some reason, other people believe it’s cheaper to take the chicken bus to Benque, the tiny town even closer to the border.

At the entrance, the taxi will drop you off, then walk through the border. Then walk through Guatemala’s entry customs, that nothing to be intimidated by. Other say that the customs officer will try to charge you an entrance fee though Guatemala does not have one.

Guatemala Colectivo to Flores

At this moment, someone will introduce you to the colectivo, a small taxi van Guatemala a famous one. The drivers will try to sell you a seat to Flores before entering Guatemala and directly after. Do not do that prices way more than doubled, tripled and even quadrupled. As you enter Guatemala, just stay on the road and walk across the bridge. Walk on the first left for 30 seconds, then you will see a station full of vans called colectivo on your right.

Coletivo in Guatemala

It is an adventure to always ride in colectivo in Guatemala. Actually, it is highly recommendable to at least have one ride. If you are taking a public colectivo in Guatemala, the driver will pack as many people inside as possible.

Guatemala to Flores

Not all people want to stay in Guatemala, they likely want to stay in Flores. The best way is to stop at the agency and get a ticket. The travel time is 8 hours from Guatemala to Flores. In Flores, you will find delicious food from a sweet milkshake to street foods.

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